Jon Hamm Discusses His Infamous Dating Show Appearance with Craig Ferguson

TV Video Craig Ferguson
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I’m no student of dating shows, but my educated guess is that if Mad Men’s Jon Hamm appeared on one today, he’d do quite well. Quite well, you guys.

That wasn’t the case in 1995. If you missed the story last week, footage surfaced of a 24-year-old Hamm appearing on a short-lived show called The Big Date. He had one fairly awkward monologue about how fabulous he’d be as a date, and then he got rejected twice. Check out the clip, complete with Hamm sporting some bad ‘90s hair:

Ever the good sport, Hamm went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, watched the clip, and jumped in on the general mockery with some self-effacement of his own. Is it me, or does Jon Hamm’s life now seem a lot like Don Draper’s. He’s completely different!