GLOW Takes on Vegas in the First Season Three Trailer

Plus, Geena Davis!

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<i>GLOW</i> Takes on Vegas in the First Season Three Trailer

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are (nearly) back on Netflix, taking over Las Vegas and finding out that their commercial success may not be everything they dreamed of. Netflix’s charming 80s-set series was always a fun watch, but it became essential in its second season, where it doubled-down on its themes of both friendship and professional rivalry.

From the first trailer GLOW Season Three, it seems like the series is going to hold fast to these same ideas, as we see the women continuing to balance their real and fake lives with a surprising amount of crossover. (Plus, Geena Davis!)

Ruth (Alison Brie) is struggling with feeling unfulfilled despite seemingly having everything she wanted (it also looks like the show, for better or worse, is going to address the romantic tension between her and Marc Maron’s Sam). Debbie (the luminous Betty Gilpin) is succeeding as a producer, but feels a longing to return to her family. And as we see in quick cuts to the other women in the close-knit group, there are a host of struggles being faced by all of our GLOW favorites. That also includes Bash (Chris Lowell), who married “Britannica” (Kate Nash) last season, a story which can only end in heartbreak.

GLOW is at its best when it focuses on these emotional character moments, although it is also dazzlingly fun to watch the women perform their stunts and routines in the ring. Vegas sets up the perfect background for spectacle, but I trust the series to also stay grounded in the kinds of stories that made Season Two so excellent.

Check out the Season Three trailer below; GLOW returns to Netflix on August 9th: