No Amount of Therapy Will Save Netflix's Gypsy From Cancellation

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No Amount of Therapy Will Save Netflix's <i>Gypsy</i> From Cancellation

Netflix continues its ruthless rule by meritocracy today as it has decided to axe Naomi Watts’ Gypsy, as first reported by Deadline and confirmed by THR. Netflix declined to comment for Deadline’s report.

The cancellation comes as somewhat surprising news, given that the Gypsy team already had a writer’s room underway and were developing ideas for a second installment. Maybe they can transfer those ideas over to a show Netflix does have faith in, like GLOW. Those ladies could always use some crazy psychotherapist to peer into their reasons for wanting to throw down in the ring, right?

To be fair, we didn’t find much to like in Gypsy anyway, as evidenced by our review, in which our own Amy Glynn deemed it “a poorly paced misfire with untapped potential.” Turns out that potential is going to stay untapped.