There's a Haunt for Every Holiday in First Teaser for Blumhouse’s Hulu Anthology Series Into the Dark

TV News Into the Dark
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There's a Haunt for Every Holiday in First Teaser for Blumhouse&#8217;s Hulu Anthology Series <i>Into the Dark</i>

Blumhouse is looking to turn horror into a monthly event with the Hulu anthology series Into the Dark, a new, holiday-inspired installment of which will be released each month, starting with “The Body” for Halloween on Oct. 5.

Hulu dropped the first teaser for the “horror event series” on Thursday.

The series’ first episode, “The Body,” will focus on a hitman whose task of transporting a body on Halloween night gets a bit trickier when the body is mistaken for a part of his costume during the festivities. “The Body” was written by Paul Davis with Paul Fischer, and directed by Davis. The episode will star Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, David Hull, Aurora Perrineau and Ray Santiago. The episode will premiere on Sept. 21 at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The second episode, “Flesh & Blood,” the one other episode we’ve gotten details on so far, will drop on Nov. 2 and will be tied to Thanksgiving. The episode will center on Kimberly, a teen dealing with the anniversary of her mother’s unsolved murder last Thanksgiving. Since her mother’s death, she’s been suffering from agoraphobia, and is now questioning if she’s going mad inside the house she can’t get herself to leave, and whether she’s in danger at home under her doting father. Written by Louis Ackerman and directed by Patrick Lussier, “Flesh & Blood” will star Dermot Mulroney, Diana Silvers, Tembi Locke and Meredith Salenger.

Halloween seems like an appropriate enough holiday to kick off a horror series, and anyone who’s been stuck at home with family on Thanksgiving can attest to the panic in that scenario, but from there, the conceit seems to stretch a bit thin. Based on the trailer, we’ll be getting episodes based on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve … but as we get away from the major holidays, what’s left? Flag Day and Casimir Pulaski Day?

Blumhouse has had a fairly successful track record with this type of rollout, having now turned The Purge movies, which also recently became a USA television series, into a near-annual summer affair, tying neatly with the ‘all crime is legal for 24 hours’ tradition inside the movies’ universe. In fact, the second movie, The Purge: Anarchy, ended with a countdown clock to the next year’s Purge, and with it, the next installment of the franchise. We’ll have to see whether Blumhouse can pull off the same trick on television as Into the Dark continues its year-long, twelve-episode first season run.