A Cruel Angel's Texas: Please Watch This Neon Genesis Evangelion x King of the Hill Mashup

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A Cruel Angel's Texas: Please Watch This <i>Neon Genesis Evangelion</i> x <i>King of the Hill</i> Mashup

Some days, the internet feels like a mistake. Today is not one of those days. Twitter user @avxstudios brought to our attention this stunning, glorious anime music video (AMV) that recreates Neon Genesis Evangelion’s opening credits sequence with footage from the GOAT, King of the Hill.

Welcome to Arlen 3. You know you’re in for a ride when an outline of Texas floats across the screen to the opening notes of Eva’s absolute banger of a theme song, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis.” And then the title card hits. Propane Genesis Evangelion. Good god, it was all worth it. All of the internet’s bullshit was worth it.

The original video’s creator, YouTuber Gamblor, has such a supreme grasp of both Eva and King of the Hill’s characters. Of course Hank Hill, the disillusioned propane salesman, is the dejected and depressed Shinji. It couldn’t be Bobby—he’s the unknowable Rei!—and casting Peggy as Misato, the only character capable of keeping Eva’s existential angst in check, only makes sense.

But only the realest of the weebs—excuse us, cinephiles—would be able to recreate Hideaki Anno’s visual stylings with such precision. The silhouetted Peggy. The crackling of a grill. The sheer violence of Dale’s pocket sand. Bobby pulling a heart out of an animal like its the S-2 Drive of an Eva. Even the text is perfect, faithfully placing King of the Hill’s production staff into the video while cracking an exceptional “C3H8 Productions” joke.

The whole thing could get a smile out of even Gendo Ikari, whom you can almost hear saying, “That boy ain’t right, I tell you what.” Watch the whole video below, then keep scrolling to find the original Neon Genesis Evangelion credits next to Propane Genesis Evangelion’s.