Take a Look Behind the Scenes at Legion's Set Design

TV Video Legion
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If you haven’t seen the pilot for FX’s new series Legion, then you have really, seriously missed out. With a lavish production design, immersive performances and a complex narrative structure, Legion is an incredibly exciting new foray into a different side of the Marvel Universe. If you have seen it, congratulations. You can check out our thoughts on the episode here.

FX has released a very informative video on the production design of the pilot, a look at the series ahead and a more in-depth trailer for episode two, which seems to up the ante a little bit. The set design featurette is fascinating, and it wisely praises the work of Michael Wylie, who has constructed a unique, symbolic and immersive set for the actors to work on. “He’s so great at finding the drama to the set and locations,” Noah Hawley, Legion’s creator/showrunner, said of Wylie. They demonstrate some really neat things that they’re doing with lights, and how they’re able to control the color and brightness of the lights in real time, which leads to a pretty manic moment in the episode.

Episode two of Legion premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 10 p.m. EST on FX. Check out the set design featurette above, and the other two videos below.

Episode Two Trailer

Series Preview