Watch: Miss Scarlet and the Duke Star Stuart Martin on the Benefit of Weekly Episodes, Eliza's Partnership, and More

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Watch: <i>Miss Scarlet and the Duke</i> Star Stuart Martin on the Benefit of Weekly Episodes, Eliza's Partnership, and More

Miss Scarlet and the Duke ’s charming Scottish star Stuart Martin spoke with us (in the video interview above) about his titular role in PBS Masterpiece’s latest crime drama, the Duke’s partnership with Eliza, the benefits of weekly episodes, and much more—including a tease of the finale.

In her review of the series, our TV Editor Allison Keene described the show as:

Taking its inspirations from Sherlock Holmes, the beautiful and shrewd Miss Eliza Scarlet (Kate Phillips) is a kind of hobbyist detective who goes full-time after the sudden death of her father leaves her penniless. A widowed retired inspector who had started his own private detecting business, Miss Scarlet’s father (Kevin Doyle) taught her everything he knew about solving crimes, which she uses to try and take over his business—a difficult prospect in a socially conservative London. Still, there is something refreshing about a female protagonist of this era who must work to survive, and is not just independently wealthy.

Miss Scarlet is both aided and thwarted in her fledgling role as a detective by her childhood friend William Wellington (Stuart Martin), known as the Duke, who worked with her father at Scotland Yard. More of a Lestrade than a Watson, the Duke is the handsome, brooding sort who is very exasperated by Miss Scarlet’s risk-taking and bossy confidence.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is currently airing weekly on PBS, but will soon be available to binge on the PBS Masterpiece Channel on Amazon Prime staring February 21, 2021.

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