Mr. Robot Featurette Promises a Chilling Second Season

TV News Mr. Robot
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Last week, the new trailer for Season 2 of USA cybercrime/drama Mr. Robot hit the internet, triggering a tidal wave of fan speculation and intrigue, as most season trailers are wont to do. Since Mr. Robot is a show built almost entirely around intrigue and mystique on the internet, the show’s Twitter page has done all it can to open floodgates even further, dropping clues about season two through messages from the show’s not-so-subtle Anonymous stand-in, the fsociety.

Well, it appears that today we’re finally gonna some insight into where our intrepid hackers are in the thirty days since the 5/9 hack. There’s a new featurette accompanying the season two trailer making the rounds, featuring interviews with both cast and crew about where the show’s new direction. Will the fsociety expand? How will Elliott cope with Christian Slater haunting his mind? Have they covered their tracks as well as they thought? Is the show still somewhat cut-and-pasting from Fight Club and V for Vendetta? Watch the new featurette below to find out.

Season two of Mr. Robot premieres on July 13 at 9 p.m. EST on USA.