Gilmore Girls: Celebrate the Show's 20th Anniversary with Some of Our Vault Favorites

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<i>Gilmore Girls</i>: Celebrate the Show's 20th Anniversary with Some of Our Vault Favorites

Gilmore Girls premiered 20 years ago today, which can be … upsetting for some of us. But instead of being caught up in questions of time and one’s own mortality, celebrate instead the wonderfully specific time capsule the show remains, if you largely ignore the Netflix cash-grab revival (and you should).

We at Paste have written a lot about Gilmore Girls in the past, so in honor of the momentous occasion of this milestone anniversary, here are some of our favorite articles from the vault:

—Remember the time former Paste TV Editor Matt Brennan thought catching up with all 153 episodes at once was a good idea? Here are 96 questions he had (plus a few notes) while watching for the first time.

—The Apple TV+ series The Morning Show curiously makes several references to a Gilmore Girls musical. Allison Shoemaker considered what that would actually look like (complete with a possible track listing).

—As Whitney Friedlander wrote, Gilmore Girls definitely has a privilege problem

—… But Jane Song wonders if it’s time to reconsider Rory specifically: does she really deserve our hate?

—Finally, don’t miss out on our ranking of Gilmore Girls greatest moments and greatest quotations.

—Not to mention, of course, our ranking of every single one of the 153 episodes preceding Netflix’s recent revival.


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