Outlander Still Has a Few Twists Up Its Sleeve in "If Not for Hope"

(Episode 4.11)

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<i>Outlander</i> Still Has a Few Twists Up Its Sleeve in "If Not for Hope"

Watch our full video recap of this week’s Outlander in the clip below.

I’m going to start with the ending, which is a major spoiler—but I can’t wait!

Roger is still in America: He did not go through the stones. I suppose, like Claire in Season One, he went with his heart instead of his comfort, but I gotta tell you, if I was being chased by people who wanted to kill me, I would be gone.

Now, back to the beginning. Brianna is making amends with Lizzie. Lizzie apologizes for her part in this debacle, but Bree tells her not to talk about it anymore and Lizzie goes about her business.

Jamie, Claire and Ian are on the road looking for Roger and there’s still tension between Claire and Jamie. Claire is frustrated with the situation, and Jamie is feeling bad. After all, his first exposure to his daughter does not end well… It was like a scene from Real Housewives.

Fergus and Marsali are also having a hard time. They love each other, but Fergus can’t find a job, because he only has one hand. Marsali is worried because Murtaugh is living with them and, of course, he’s still in trouble with the law.

So, one night, while Murtaugh is sleeping, she tells him he has to take Fergus along with him. He doesn’t want to, because he doesn’t want him to get killed—and, like everyone else, he holds a prejudice against him because of his hand.

Marsali tells him that she would rather have Fergus as a whole man.

Marsali is not like her mom!

Too bad Fergus can’t Facetime with Ian—he could probably help him feel better.

Down comes Bree to a sea of eligible men.

She’s not interested in them, but they’re interested in her. Then, in walks Lord John Grey.

She doesn’t know him, but it quickly becomes apparent that he knows her, and it comes out that Jamie sent him a letter and asked him to check on her.

Bree doesn’t want to get married and goes to bed sad. She hears a noise downstairs and finds Lord Grey getting it on with one of her potential suitors.

The next morning, her aunt cries, but tells her that she should abandon hope and accept what is going to happen for the sake of her child. She should not want a bastard.

Then, Bree realizes that she’s going to have to get married—but not to the man Aunt Jocasta has lined up. She proposes to Lord John Grey instead. He says no, so she threatens to expose him if he doesn’t.

I’m sorry. This girl is on my last nerve. What a brat!

Still, he loves her because he loves Jamie, Claire and Willie.

He does tell her about his son, but does not mention that Willie is Jamie’s son. Which becomes extra weird when, at the last minute, he saves the day and announces their engagement to Aunt Jocasta. Now Bree’s engaged to her brother’s adoptive dad.

Jamie, Claire and Ian find Roger’s dead friend, but since Ian had met him, he can tell it’s not Roger. The three spread out to see if they find Roger’s remains. Of course, they don’t. Jamie and Claire make up—Jamie even tears up, and then, of course, they have sex in the tent.

I already talked about the happy/sad ending… Roger’s face looked normal, but they were beating him up, so it’s not looking good.

But it might be good for Bree!

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