Outlander Review: Secrets and Lies Come Back to Bite in "The Deep Heart's Core"

(Episode 4.10)

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<i>Outlander</i> Review: Secrets and Lies Come Back to Bite in "The Deep Heart's Core"

Watch our full video recap of this week’s Outlander in the clip below.

In Outlander, the first in Diana Gabaldon’s series of books, Jamie tells Claire that he wants her honesty, and that relationships have room for secrets, but not lies.

Too bad that didn’t remain the mantra of the Fraser family.

In “The Deep Heart’s Core,” Jamie and Bree discuss her pregnancy, and he lies about his injured hand—an injury that occured when it met with Roger’s face. She tells him she wishes she would have fought her rapist harder, and he fakes an altercation with her to show her that she could not have won against him. Jamie can be very wise. I think it is one of the things that draws women to his character.

The Frasers settle into a routine, and Claire discusses Bree’s options with her… she can help her with an abortion, or she can go back through the stones pregnant, which is what Claire did.

Bree isn’t sure what to do about the baby, and although Ian is smitten with her, she knows she doesn’t want to marry him—even if that is normal for their time.

The episode also shows us Roger, and he looks terrible. He’s walking alongside another white man behind a Native American tribe. He’s keeping track of the days so he knows how far they have traveled. His friend doesn’t last long, though, and dies (whether from injuries or exhaustion), and Roger is alone, with no one to talk to.

Back at Fraser’s Ridge, time is passing, but Bree continues to have nightmares about Stephen Bonnet. When Lizzie wakes her up from one of these, she tells her the truth of what happened, and it all becomes too clear: Lizzie thought Roger was the rapist, and since Jamie beat him up without asking questions, the damage is done.

Then the Frasers get into a huge family fight—one that gets worse when Claire breaks the news that the rapist was Bonnet.

Ian has to admit his part in this horror, too: He has sold Roger into slavery to the Mohawks in exchange for a necklace.

In the end, Claire, Jamie, and Ian head off to upstate New York to find the Mohawk tribe and Roger, while Bree, Murtaugh, and Lizzie head to River Run and the home of Aunt Jocasta.

Thankfully, she remembers Murtaugh from their time together in Scotland and says she is happy to help Bree in her time of need—even though Jamie explains in his letter to her that he knows an unwed mother might cause her trouble.

What nobody knows is that Roger has meanwhile escaped the tribe after falling off a cliff. He ends up near a stone, with the sound of bees buzzing nearby. He has the jewels in his pocket from Bonnet, and the last thing we see is him crying about leaving his heart’s home, Brianna, in the past—and finding his way back to his hometime.

What a surprise! Things are not looking good.

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