UK Comedy Hitmen on Peacock Stars Mel and Sue, and That's All You Need to Know

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UK Comedy <i>Hitmen</i> on Peacock Stars Mel and Sue, and That's All You Need to Know

I’m breaking from my normal review word count here because when it comes to the lo-fi UK comedy series Hitmen (now streaming on Peacock) this is all you need to know:

It stars Mel Gierdroyc and Sue Perkins from The Great British Baking Show.

(Yes, the original hosts!)

That’s really it. They are hitmen, as the title suggests. There’s really not much more to it. The series isn’t great, but it’s just fine. It coasts entirely on the charm of these two, and whether or not you are watching specifically for them. There are many recognizable British TV actors who pop in here and there (including the creator and star of another mediocre UK comedy on Peacock, Intelligence), but if you’re curious about or interested in Hitmen, chances are you’re in it for Mel and Sue. And they very much do their thing. If you aren’t already fans of theirs, well … the budget is low, the script is questionable, and the comedy is very slight. Pop it on in the background, but then maybe head back over to Bake-Off.

Hitmen premieres on Peacock Thursday, August 5th.

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