Watch Netflix's Bonus Queer Eye Episode Filmed in Yass, Australia, an Actual Place

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Watch Netflix's Bonus <i>Queer Eye</i> Episode Filmed in Yass, Australia, an Actual Place

Netflix just decided to bless our Pride celebrations with a bonus episode of Queer Eye, now streaming on YouTube. This surprise episode, a snack-sized story clocking in at 20 minutes, follows the Fab Five as they travel to Yass, Australia to make over a deserving local farmer and his neighborhood pub. Watch it all go down below.

Believe it or not, Yass is an actual town in Australia. Population: 6,506. Queer Eye location scouts must have been feeling particularly sassy on the day they came across Yass. Either that, or Yass is actually a stunt, a village fabricated for Netflix’s creative reapings. We’re still not convinced it’s not the latter.

There are two seasons of Queer Eye currently streaming on Netflix. The bonus episode sees the Fab Five breaking away from their normal home base, Atlanta, Ga., where all the other episodes were filmed. Season one premiered in February and season two quickly followed in June. Henny, we guess that’s just the power of Antoni’s quick-and-easy grapefruit avocado salad.

Queer Eye ranks high on Paste’s list of the 10 best shows on TV right now. Read more about the show and its impact on gay identity in our recent TV feature about the show.