Better Call Morty is the Hybrid Show We Never Knew We Needed

TV Video Rick and Morty
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Remember when we were all unbelievers and said that Better Call Saul would never work? We were such dummies. Now, it’s not hard at all to say that Better Call Saul is (gasp) as good as, if not better than Breaking Bad. What a world we live in. Well, how much better would Better Call Morty be than Rick and Morty? We’re betting that it’d be good.

YouTube user and genius DanyDani created a very small world in which that could possibly exist. Setting Lawyer Morty (“Look at him go!”) from the newest Rick and Morty episode “The Rickshank Redemption” against the twangy opening of Better Call Saul, complete with a logo and everything, they’ve allowed us a glimpse into a truly perfect world. Just imagine the possibilities: Run-ins with Rick’s greatest nemesis Zeep from “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” the origins of Birdperson and maybe even a romance with Jessica that works out for a little bit? Seriously, the possibilities are endless, which really results in the greatest gift of all. This is just one more thing to preoccupy ourselves with until Rick and Morty’s triumphant return this summer with the rest of season three.

If the possibilities of Better Call Morty, which you can see above, don’t hold you over until then, take a look at some inspired Rick and Morty fan art here.