Netflix Ups the '80s Nostalgia Ante in Stranger Things 2 "1984" Teaser

TV Video Stranger Things
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Stranger Things officially returns as Stranger Things 2 on Oct. 27, and Netflix continues to hand out little goodies to keep us happy until the much-anticipated sequel series makes its Halloween-adjacent debut. Case in point: the clever new teaser above, titled “1984” and voiced by none other than Hawkins Middle School science teacher Scott Clarke (Randy Havens).

“1984,” like “Level Up” before it, provides a quick summary of Stranger Things season one before moving on to what season two has in store. Mr. Clarke then walks us through the teaser’s titular year, slideshow-style, suggesting that the Upside Down-opening events of season one are having a global effect by the following year. There’s a sly reference to everyone’s favorite Coke can-crushing telepath, nods to Gremlins, Ghostbusters and Terminator, and finally, that iconic, burbling electronic theme music we know and love.

It’s an exciting time to be a Stranger Things fan, folks. Just today, Netflix and BonusXP debuted a Stranger Things mobile game for iOS and Android—frankly, we’re surprised you’re reading this and not playing that right now. Elsewhere in Stranger Things 2 news, the Duffer brothers recently revealed new details regarding the sequel season’s antagonist and plot lines, and suggested that we may have as many as three more seasons to look forward to.

Stranger Things 2 starts streaming on Oct. 27, so get going on your season one rewatch if you haven’t already. See the show’s new teaser above, its new poster below and previous promos here.

Stranger Things 2 Poster 2.jpg