Watch the Mesmerizing Final Trailer for Stranger Things 2

TV Video Stranger Things
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The Stranger Things 2 hype train is absolutely barreling down the tracks towards the streaming series’ Oct. 27 return to Netflix, and there’s no better way to celebrate this Friday the 13th than with the sequel season’s final trailer. Teased earlier this week (you’ll find the trailer tease at the bottom of this post), the pulse-pounding clip is an incredibly exciting look at all the ways the Duffer brothers are raising the stakes in the next installment of their runaway hit show.

Now, Netflix has been doing plenty to get us amped up about Stranger Things 2. From a show-stealing Super Bowl teaser, to their expert mining of ‘80s nostalgia in promos like “Level Up” and “1984,” to a delightfully retro mobile role-playing game, the streamer has certainly brought their A-game when it comes to beckoning us all back to Hawkins, Indiana. But nothing—nothing—has gotten us as jazzed up about Stranger Things 2 as today’s trailer. It’s that excellent.

The clip begins with an eye for Hawkins’ most troubled and talented resident: none other than Millie Bobby Brown’s beloved Eleven, who is alive (but not well) and eating Eggos in the Upside Down. Meanwhile, poor Will Byers is back with his family and friends, but seeing strange(r) things, namely a nightmarish “shadow monster” that looks like something out of War of the Worlds. The blurring boundary between Will’s mind and the real world is causing serious problems for our intrepid protagonists, the youngest of whom have noticeably matured since the show’s first season. Paul Reiser and Sean Astin’s new characters get some time in the spotlight, as does apparent new member of the gang Max (Sadie Sink, American Odyssey), emphasizing the show’s expanding world. All told, the trailer shows all the signs of a second season that’s going to turn all of our televisions Upside Down. The next two weeks can’t fly by quickly enough.

Stranger Things 2 streams on Netflix on Oct. 27. Watch the must-see trailer above, revisit its preceding tease below and find out more about the future of the series here.