Superstore Spinoff Bo & Cheyenne Is Coming to NBC

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<i>Superstore</i> Spinoff <i>Bo & Cheyenne</i> Is Coming to NBC

Superstore fans, not all hope is lost.

Almost two weeks of the announcement that the show’s current sixth season would be its last, Deadline broke some better news yesterday about NBC developing a new spinoff: Bo & Cheyenne.

The series, which is currently in script development, is based around the couple as they “balance their big dreams with the harsh realities of being a blue-collar family in America.”

Cheyenne has been a staple in the Superstore cast, as she’s grown up with each passing season and juggled being a young mom for her daughter Harmonica. Bo, her husband, typically served as comedic relief on the show—between his white-rapper aspirations and getting hired at the Cloud 9 store. The pair’s Gen Z references might go over some viewers’ heads, but it makes them two of the funniest characters.

Superstore’s co-executive producers Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu are also returning for Bo & Cheyenne, this time as the series’ writers.

The second half of Superstore’s final season starts on Jan. 14 with 11 final episodes, leaving a hopeful chance of lead character Amy (America Ferrera) to return—even for just a final (and better) resolution to the series.

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