The 5 Best Moments From the Blindspot Season Finale

(Episode 1.23)

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The 5 Best Moments From the <i>Blindspot</i> Season Finale

Blindspot managed to end its 23-episode first season on a high note. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if the season finale was really going to offer anything that would make me want to come back next season. After all, the past couple weeks have been all about Blindspot’s most ridiculous moments. But this final episode of the season managed to make me consider coming back in the fall to at least check out the second season premiere. Blindspot finally visited some questions that have been lingering since the first couple of episodes back in September, and offered some surprising twists along the way. Perhaps Blindspot’s biggest weakness has been its lengthy season. It’s a broadcast network-type show without a doubt, but I’m convinced that if it only been ten or thirteen episodes, it could have avoided certain overarching mysteries and many filler episodes. Last night’s finale assuages some of that pain, as it offered fantastic story beats that far outweigh any of the episode’s weaker moments. So instead of looking back at the five most ridiculous moments of last night’s Blindspot, here are the five best.

1. Patterson, Edgar, and Zapata Discover Mayfair’s Involvement With Orion

Patterson, Edgar, and Zapata still remain loyal to Mayfair after her death, and they’ve been extremely curious as to what she’s been up to, and what on earth is going on. They may not quite know what to really think of Mayfair, but it becomes clear that she really cared about them after we see Patterson figure out the code to Mayfair’s safe—the birth years of Kurt, Patterson, Edgar, and Zapata. Mayfair may be physically gone from the series, but she’s still going to have quite an impact next season, as the FBI team investigates Orion and how Mayfair was involved.

2. Kurt Finds the Real Taylor Shaw’s Body

This was a clever twist. At first it looked like Kurt’s father may have been lying, as Kurt dug under the shed to find Taylor’s body, only to find nothing. But then, Kurt realized that his father may have been talking about a different location, and so he goes to the place where he and Taylor used to camp as children and begins digging at the campsite… and there he finds it. This is the moment Kurt has been dreading all season. His entire world is now upside down. Not only did his father lie to him, but so did Jane. Kurt may now have closure, knowing that Taylor really is dead and that she was indeed killed by his father—but now with his father’s death and Jane’s betrayal, will Kurt ever be able to make peace with all of this?

3. Oscar Is the Bad Guy

Sure, he’s been mysterious and cryptic ever since we were first introduced to him, but in the past few episodes he seemed like he might not be all that bad of a guy. Jane was certainly convinced, suddenly becoming friends with benefits with him (to be fair, they were engaged in Jane’s previous life). It was a completely unexpected revelation to find out that Oscar was the one who killed the bearded guy from the first couple of episodes (we now know his name is Marcos). Way back then, right before Marcos was killed, he told Jane she couldn’t trust “them.” She, along with us, was led to believe that “them” was the FBI, but it was actually Oscar’s organization. And it was Oscar who killed him! And Kade, the assassin from a few episodes ago, was hunting down Oscar and Jane because he’s Marcos’ brother and wanted revenge. We still don’t know much about Oscar’s organization, but he revealed a name that’s bound to show up next season: Shepherd.

4. Jane Kills Oscar

Jane got all Grim Reaper on Oscar by stabbing him through the gut with a scythe. I would not have thought Oscar was going to die in this season. I thought for sure there’d be some moment where Oscar and Kurt would meet, and then become competitors for Jane’s affection (and I’m glad the show didn’t go in that direction). By the time we see what a terrible person Oscar is, it was hard to feel any sympathy over his death. After all, he was about to wipe out Jane’s memory again, and got all self-righteous about it. Now that he’s gone, this mysterious Shepherd is probably going to show up next season to confront Jane and will hopefully give her some straightforward answers as to why Oscar and her pre-memory wipe self were so hellbent on infiltrating the FBI.

5. Kurt Arrests Jane

Jaime Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton have not had particularly great chemistry together as Jane and Kurt. But in some ways that’s kind of worked in their favor, since Jane and Kurt have feelings for each other but don’t know what to do about it. The last couple minutes of the finale were the duo’s finest moment onscreen together thus far. Jane’s secrets and lies have finally caught up with her, and Kurt is not in the mood to sit around and listen. He’s understandably pissed, and the pain they’re both experiencing in that moment comes off well. Jane wants to make things right, but it’s too late. Kurt now knows that all this time she’s been playing him for a fool. If Kurt is ever going to trust her again, it’s going to take a very long time. It seemed very probable that, if Jane hadn’t gotten on her knees and put her hands above her head, Kurt would have shot her. It was a tremendous performance, and without a doubt gave the season finale a strong ending that’ll keep viewers hooked, and ready to come back next season.