Watch: Jason Jones Joins Us in the Paste Studio to Discuss Real-Life Parenting and The Detour

TV Video The Detour
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Daily Show alumnus Jason Jones draws from his real life when crafting characters for The Detour, in which he stars as a man on a road trip with his family. (Let's just say it gets complicated, fast.) Thankfully, Jones, who co-created the series with Full Frontal host and real-life spouse Samantha Bee, took a few minutes to discuss the series—and his own parenting—at the Paste Studio in New York. We promise, you're going to learn a lot. The Detour airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TBS. Keri is a professional chatterbox who loves watching TV & movies, reading about pop culture, and gawking at any craziness on the internet. You can follow Keri on "Twitter":