Watch The Office Cast Reunite for Zoom Wedding on John Krasinki's YouTube Show

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Watch <i>The Office</i> Cast Reunite for Zoom Wedding on John Krasinki's YouTube Show

If you aren’t one of two million YouTube users already subscribed, John Krasinski has an active channel called Some Good News, which is filled with celebrity features and human interest stories to brighten your digital days at home.

His most recent video featured a (brief) reunion of The Office cast over Zoom, in honor of one couple who emulated Jim’s gas station proposal halfway between New York and Scranton. Krasinski leads the couple through a seemingly mundane conversation (well, as mundane as a conversation with John Krasinki can be) before revealing that he was recently ordained as a minister. He then invites the couple’s friends and family into the call and marries them, while Zac Brown performs via webchat. Krasinki surprises the couple even further by playing “Forever” by Chris Brown, just at like Jim and Pam’s wedding on the show, and The Office cast (featuring the whole crew including Steve Carell, Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson) joined the call and so began the dance party.

Watch episode seven of Some Good News below for The Office cast dance party, Zac Brown performance, touching proposal and a brief cameo from Emily Blunt along with your regular dose of inspiring stories.