Watch The Punisher Punish in Bloody First Trailer for The Punisher

TV Video The Punisher
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We hope you like headshots.

Because if you don’t, you came to the wrong trailer. Maybe go watch the trailer for Lady Gaga’s new documentary, which looks very interesting. But if you do, then friend, you’re in the exact right place. Netflix has released the first full trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher, and it looks as gritty and angry as you could ever hope. Hell, it starts with an honestly upsetting shot of Frank Castle’s wife getting killed, so it’s safe to say this is going to be one of the most violent offerings Netflix has ever put out.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about it (aside from the intense action) is that the trailer still doesn’t give us the show’s release date. Netflix is purposely keeping us in the dark on this one—they want the show to be a surprise release, to strike when we least expect it.

You can watch the trailer above, and check out a recent clip from the show (that also features The Punisher punishing) here, plus a previous teaser here.