See Familiar Faces & Feel Old: The New Twin Peaks Trailer is Here

TV Video Twin Peaks
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The return of the David Lynch cult classic Twin Peaks is almost upon us, and we finally have a trailer that consists of something more than Lynch eating a doughnut as Gordon Cole—watch the new trailer above.

We see some familiar faces, such as Ed Hurley, Laura Palmer’s mother Sarah, Deputy Andy Brennan, Deputy Hawk and the one and only Special Agent Dale Cooper. The past 25 years are etched clearly upon their wizened faces, and yes, it is a bit unsettling to see these characters we love looking so, well, elderly. Then again, when has Lynch ever shied away from something unsettling?

The only word we hear in the short clip is from Deputy Hawk, who says (with what we guess is reluctant acceptance), “Really?” Hawk could also be saying “Really?” with disbelief, or simply mild interest. Hard to tell with that one. Other than that, we just see glimpses of the cast on park benches, offices or grocery stores, all looking appropriately Twin Peaks-y.

The two-part season three premiere airs on Showtime on Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. EST, and Showtime subscribers can stream the third and fourth parts immediately afterwards. You bet we’ll be watching, cup of coffee and cherry pie in tow. While we count down the days, don’t miss Paste’s recent coverage of Lynch discussing the future of Twin Peaks on Showtime.