Feed Your Feed!: 10 Great Twitter Accounts for Teachers

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Technology has changed the course of many classic institutions, and education is one of the fastest-changing. It used to be just TI-83 calculators, but now with smartboards and IPads, educators depend heavily on technology in the classroom. Outside the classroom, technology has become an incredible way to share resources, methods, and ask questions. With the teaching gurus out there on Twitter, these feeds can offer an education in educating.

1. edutopia – @edutopia

Twitter Bio: Inspiration and information for what works in education.
Followers: 388K
Need for Feed: Edutopia accumulates all the news, trends, tweets, ideas, analyses, quotes, etc. about the happenings in the education world. It is a quick stop for education news as well as inspirational stories.

2. Arne Duncan – @arneduncan

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter page of the U.S. Secretary of Education
Followers: 150K
Need for Feed: As the U.S. Secretary of Education, Duncan's feed is a great source for those interested in the progress and politics of education.

3. ASCD – @ ASCD

Twitter Bio: The international education association dedicated to providing programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner.
Followers: 88.5K
Need for Feed: ASCD might as well be called the teacher's backpack. With inspirational stories, tips on teaching trends, retweets of great articles and advice on sprucing up your résumé, ASCD is a must for every career teacher.

4. Google For Education – @GoogleForEdu

Twitter Bio: Google Education industry team. Follow us to hear about relevant industry information, internal research and trends, and new products! #googleedu
Followers: 17.2K
Need for Feed: Google truly is innovative. It offers FREE professional development courses on using Google tools in the classroom, after which a teacher can become a GCT (Google Certified Teacher). @GoogleForEdu tweets about innovation in teaching technology and retweets great examples of how teachers use technology in the classroom.

5. School Jokes – @SchoolJokes

Twitter Bio: Roses are red, Violets are blue. I copied your exam paper, And I failed too. #SchoolJokes
Followers: 1,061
Need for Feed: Teaching is tough. But humor can add levity to any situation. School Jokes's humor is a touch juvenile, but sure to get a chuckle.

6. Teacher Problems – @HSTeachProbs

Twitter Bio: A Parody of the Life of a Teacher. Note: Based on life; meant as a joke.
Followers: 6,910
Need for Feed: Celebrities get parody accounts, so why not teachers? They're just as important. And at the end of the day, teachers have some hilarious stories to tell.

7. Allison McDonald – @NoFlashCards

Twitter Bio: Educator, mom, writer, and runner. Founder of No Time For Flash Cards. I believe play is education and reading is a basic need.
Followers: 14.1K
Need for Feed: Parents who are teachers are great parents, and teachers who are parents are great teachers (generally speaking). That is the benefit to playing on both sides of the court. @NoFlashCards amasses awesome ideas for educational crafts, a reference section for every kind of book, and learning-based games.

8. Kevin Corbett – @kevin_corbett

Twitter Bio: #elearning program developer, Kevin Corbett is interested in#mlearning, game-based design &#socialmedia in education.http://www.KevinCorbett.com
Followers: 22.6K
Need for Feed: Game-based learning has proven its effectiveness. In our modern society, games saddled with technology have added a whole new aspect to learning. Corbett follows the advances of technological games in school and the effect they can have on the student.

9. Marjorie & Kristi – @chartchums

Twitter Bio: Smarter Charts authors, http://chartchums.wordpress.com
Followers: 2,486
Need for Feed: Technology in the classroom can be great. But there are concerns with it, one of them being that the learner is not touching anything concrete. Chart Chums, by Marjorie Martinelli and Kristine Mraz, is a feed, blog and most of all a book that teaches teachers how to make effective charts for science, English language arts, classroom behavior, and more.

10. Rafranz Davis – @RafranzDavis

Twitter Bio: LEARNER! Math and Tech Geek! Disruptor of Ridiculousness
Followers: 6,531
Need for Feed: Rafranz’s eloquent writing and positive attitude are both mind-opening and a place for teachers to find inspiration and perspective on what is a very difficult job. She gives great lessons in lesson-planning, a plethora of input on technology, but also has a keen analysis on the social aspects of teaching and how teachers as a whole can make the education world a better place daily.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for teachers. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for educators?