Feed Your Feed!: 15 TV Show Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Twitter is an ideal platform for this communal TV experience, allowing us to share and view thoughts between ourselves, the actors, the writers, and the Twitter feed for the TV show itself. Below is a list of TV shows that actively tweet and communicate with their collaborators and fans.

1. Scandal@ScandalABC

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter for ABC's Scandal. Returns Thursday, September 25 at 9|8c on ABC.
Followers: 581K
Need for Feed: When Scandal airs, its Twitter fires up so big and fast, even Olivia would have a hard time quenching these flames. Scandal's Twitter feed not only converses live during shows with its fans, it offers up glimpses of the actors breaking from their incredibly dramatic roles and goofing off.

2. Sleepy Hollow@SleepyHollowFOX

Followers: 89.1K
Need for Feed: A significant part of Sleepy Hollow's appeal it's is visual style. The feed is chock full of photos for lovers of all things Sleepy Hollow, especially those that can't get enough of its eerie photography.

3. Reign@CWReign

Twitter Bio: Official Twitter account for Reign airing Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW!
Followers: 92.6K
Need for Feed: Can't get enough of poofy low-cut dresses? Want to see more of French castle grounds? Interested in some historical facts about Mary Queen of Scots that aren't obscured by teenage drama? Then look no further, @CWReign has you covered. If you're an absolute Reign fan, check out their writers at @reignwriters and their makeup and hair @HairReign

4. Pretty Little Liars@ABCFpll

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter handle for@ABCFamily's Pretty Little Liars. Don't miss all new episodes Tuesdays at 8pm/7c on @ABCFamily!
Followers: 2.4M
Need for Feed: The Pretty Little Liars feed takes the fun approach of tweeting as if it's in the show itself … almost as if it's A herself. Hmmm … could it be? Also of note is how PLL is an innovator of social media in television, being one of the first shows to live-tweet, and holding live-tweeting events, where cast members and producers take part.

5. Red Band Society@RedBandSociety

Followers: 14.1K
Need for Feed: This coming-of-age show about teens set in a hospital hasn't aired yet, but its feed is already going strong. Follow them to find awesome things, like the link to stream their premiere episode.

6. Modern Family@ModernFam

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter for ABC's Modern Family. Season Premieres Wednesday, Sept 24 at 9|8c on ABC!
Followers: 718K
Need for Feed: Modern Family has some of the most quotable zingers and lines. Its feed delivers those quotes with a memorable picture.

7. Veep@VeepHBO

Twitter Bio: The official #VEEP profile. Politics is about people. Become a follower. Only on @HBO.
Followers: 29.6K
Need for Feed: Recently, this feed has been flush with photos from the Emmys, but in calmer times it offers hilarious tweets and jokes to keep you going between episodes.

8. Hannibal@NBCHannibal

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter profile for #Hannibal.
Followers: 145K
Need for Feed: Fannibals are some of the hardest followers to satiate. They crave blood … as in, blood-splattered images. Other than the behind-the-scenes pics and screen shots, the feed also writes in a very Dr. Lecter-esque tone, bringing an element of creep to the Twitter-sphere.

9. The Mindy Project@MindyProjectFox

Followers: 61.8K
Need for Feed: Where ego-centrism and self-deprecation fight for wall space, this feed is great for lovers of Mindy, her one-liners, her show, her clothes, etc.

10. The Simpsons@TheSimpsons

Followers: 413K
Need for Feed: Mashups are the rage this year, but The Simpsons have been the rage for many years. What will you find on @TheSimpsons? Tons of great Simpsons mash-ups.

11. The Blacklist@NBCBlacklist

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter handle for #TheBlacklist. Season premiere September 22 | Mondays at 10/9c
Followers: 109K
Need for Feed: If you don't live in a big American city where you have the joy of seeing James Spader in various pictures splattered on public transportation, you can jump on @NBCBlacklist for a plethora of creepy Spader pics.

12. The Walking Dead@WalkingDead_AMC

Twitter Bio: The official account of #TheWalkingDead on @AMC_TV. For more info, go to http://amc.com .http://walkingdeadamc.tumblr.com/
Followers: 2.63M
Need for Feed: The Tweeting Dead should be giving more tips on how not to get eaten by zombies. Tip 1: Put your iPhone away and stop tweeting! Zombies are attracted to light! Although with over two million followers, there's plenty to go around.

13. Homeland@SHO_Homeland

Twitter Bio: 2 Episodes. 1 Night. Special Premiere Event: Sun, Oct 5th starting at 9PM ET/PT. There's no place like #Homeland.
Followers: 131K
Need for Feed: So it looks like we won't be seeing much of Brody this season, but the Twitter feed still lets us gander on that gorgeous redhead. For die-hard spy fans, it also includes Homeland interviews with real spies.

14. Orphan Black@OrphanBlack

Twitter Bio: Official Twitter of #OrphanBlack on@BBCAmerica. Where to Watch:http://bit.ly/w2wOrphanBlack  #CloneClub#EmmyForMaslany
Followers: 114K
Need for Feed: Which Orphan Black are they tweeting about? The world may never know, but avid Orphan Black fans will. Since the show creates a different look for each character, they give great behind the scenes how-tos and advice on hair, dress and make-up.

15. Doctor Who@bbcdoctorwho

Twitter Bio: The official Twitter feed for the BBC’s popular drama, Doctor Who.
Followers: 1.06M
Need for Feed: This Twitter feed won’t teleport you to different worlds, but it can transport you into clips, quotes and the makings of Doctor Who episodes.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for TV fanatics. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love Television?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to  Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.