Victoria Review: A Fairytale Wedding

(Episode 1.04)

TV Video Victoria
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If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s a royal wedding. The closest analogue we have in our country is when a Kardashian gets married, and that’s not the same thing at all.

It’s like every princess fantasy come true, especially the part where the woman controls everything.

It’s interesting that, in a time when men ruled, a young woman is in complete control of her destiny and much of the world. It’s a wonder she didn’t upturn society, but as we see in tonight’s episode of Victoria, the reason she doesn’t is because she just wants to be an ordinary woman.

The grass is always greener… but trust me, Victoria, you should be grateful for what you have!

Albert should be grateful, too, and he is, but he wants to have enough money to be independent. However, his uncle ruined that by squandering his allowance on mistresses.

It’s a concept that had never passed through Victoria’s young mind and she does not want Albert to cheat on her, even if it is acceptable and normal.

While Victoria is educated about mistresses, Albert’s brother tries to educate him about being with a woman by taking him to a whore house.

It’s a Victorian bachelor party, if you will, but instead of actually doing anything, he gets out a pen and paper and takes notes so he can please Victoria.

This is why their love was legendary.

A random thought I had during this episode: Do we get the idea of beauty queens wearing sashes from the royals? I mean hers doesn’t have her name on it, but it does go with her crown.

As they work through the money issues, there is also the issue of Albert’s nationality. People are somewhat hostile to the idea of a German prince having so much power, plus they are worried he will be a Catholic.

World issues never change.

Albert wants a title and his own money, but while he is in Germany he has no guarantees. However, when he comes back to his love, she does make him a Knight of the Garter.

She also tells him that she will promise to love and obey him just like an ordinary woman, even though she is Queen.

Again: WHAT?! I can’t help but wonder if Victoria couldn’t have moved women’s issues forward quicker if she had owned her position within the family. She was the primary breadwinner and had all the power. Missed opportunity!

She also refuses to wear diamonds on her wedding day and opts for a floral crown instead. She just wants to be normal, and it seems her relationship with Albert is as normal as can be. It also seems that Prince Albert could have worn white on his wedding day, since he was just as virginal as his Queen.

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